Fluid Nails

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Showing 1 - 24 of 199 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 199 products
Fluid™ Marine Pedicure Massage Lotion (#6) 500ml
Fluid™ Primerless Liquid 250ml
Fluid AHA Botanical Cuticle Remover & Softener
Fluid French Manicure Kit
Sale price$25.95
Fluid French Manicure Kit
Fluid™ Marine Pedicure Rejuvenating Mudd (#5) 500g
Fluid™ Lime Manicure Hydrating Clay Mask (#4) 500g
Fluid™ Lime Manicure Soothing Moisturiser (#5) 250ml
Fluid™ Acrylic Powder: Ultra Pink 250gm
Fluid™ Cover Powder: Pink 500gm
Fluid™ Acid Free Primer 15ml
Fluid™ French Manicure Polish 15ml: Bright White
Fluid Marine Pedicure Massage Lotion
Fluid Marine Pedicure Kit
Sale price$169.95
Fluid Marine Pedicure Kit
Fluid Paraffin Wax: Plain with Vitamin E
Fluid Nail Polish Remover: Strawberry (125ml)
Sale price$12.95
Fluid Ridge Filler
Fluid™ Primerless Liquid 500ml
Fluid™ Primerless Liquid 1 litre
Fluid™ Fast Setting Liquid 500ml
Fluid™ Fast Setting Liquid 1 litre
Fluid™ Acrylic Powder: Crystal 250gm
Fluid™ Marine Pedicure Callous Peel (#3) 250ml
Fluid™ Marine Pedicure Scrub (#4) 500g
Fluid™ AHA Botanical Cuticle Remover & Softener 30ml

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