Tanning Essentials® Pro V Spray Tan Replacement Applicator (Gun)

Sale price$79.00


Tanning Essentials® is an industry innovator providing efficient, cost effective, high quality Spray Tan Equipment designed solely for the purpose of spray tanning. 

The Tanning Essentials® Pro V Applicator boasts never before seen technology, offering a narrower, more controlled spray pattern, adaptable spray designs with a lock in position feature, DHA resistant needle and nozzle and a leak free integrated cup delivery a streak free flawless application each and every time.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Leak free integrated cup
  • Adjustable spray pattern with lock in position feature
  • DHA resistant needle and nozzle

Works With:

  • Tanning Essentials® Pro V hose
  • Tanning Essentials® Pro V system
  • Tanning Essentials® Pro hose
  • Tanning Essentials® Pro system

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