Summer Tan™ Dark Self Action Tan Bundle

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Summer Tan™ Dark Self Action Tan Bundle

It's back, our best seller with new packaging but same amazing formula.

Achieve a sunkissed natural glow all year round with Summer Tan’s Dark Self Action Tan Bundle consisting of three full sized 250ml lotions.

A dual action formula that uniquely combines bronzer with DHA to create a natural, even tan without streaks and provide an incredible consistency.

Natural elements & a quick drying formula ensure remarkable, instant results without a chemical odour.

The healthiest way to develop a healthy all-year round glow without exposing your skin to damaging sun rays, Summer Tan™ lotion enriches your complexion and helps you achieve the shade of your dreams.


  • Adaptable to all skin types to help you achieve your desired shade
  • A natural and even tan
  • Non-streaking
  • No offensive odour

Australian Made   *   Vegan and Cruelty-Free   *   Perfect for All Skin Types

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