Summer Tan™ Professional / Violet Exotic 12% Spray Mist / Dark 1 Litre

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Summer Tan™ Professional / Violet Exotic 12% Spray Mist / Dark

Formulated using advanced Quad Tanning Technology - achieve the all-year-round sunkissed tone with this violet-based spray on tan.

Designed for those with medium to darker skin, this is our deepest and darkest solution yet. Organic nutrient-rich botanical extracts perfectly harmonise to help you achieve a healthy glow for longer without having to expose your skin to harmful sun rays.

The caffeine and goji berry fusion helps to firm and tone your skin whilst core vitamins hydrate to leave it feeling soft, supple and invigorated.

A Winning Formula From Summer Tan: 

  • Vitamin-rich and packed full of antioxidants to firm the skin, boosting the anti-aging process
  • Aloe vera, vitamin A, C, E and B5 blend to provide a longer lasting tan and hydrate your skin
  • Utilises an expert combination of DHA and bronzer to achieve the perfect tan for up to to 7 days

*Please note a spray gun required for use.

Proudly vegan, cruelty-free and made in Australia.

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