riffi® Massage & Beauty Strap Original / Hard

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riffi® Massage & Beauty Strap Original / Hard

The riffi® Massage and Beauty Strap allows for the same benefits of a mitt with easier access for those hard-to-reach places. No-slip handles give a relaxing experience while cleansing and toning the skin; exterminating deep-down impurities. Gives the effect of a massage with the soft and supple cotton fibers, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, youthful and tender. Daily massage with riffi products gets the circulation going, invigorates blood flow, strengthens your immune system, and releases muscular tension.

The gentle cotton fibers absorb shower gel or soap creating a lather which can be smoothed all over the body. Pleasant 'riffi medium' fibres remove dead skin cells and gently massage the body. The strap will stimulate your circulatory system so you can start the day with a shower that will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated! Dermatologist recommended.

Made in Germany.

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