Mango + Rose Hip Essence Bundle

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Mango & Rosehip Essence Bundle

Tropical Radiance Meets Regenerative Care: Step into a world where tropical vibrancy meets restorative botanicals with our Mango & Rosehip Essence Collection. This specially curated ensemble includes our refreshing body wash, enriching lotion, deeply moisturizing body butter, and rejuvenating scrub, all infused with the tantalizing aroma of mango and the skin-loving benefits of rosehip.

Our Mango & Rosehip Essence Collection is ideal for personal pampering or as a thoughtful gift, it brings a touch of tropical luxury and botanical nourishment to your daily routine, leaving your skin and senses rejuvenated.

1. Refreshing Mango & Rosehip Body Wash (500ml): Awaken your senses each morning with our vibrant body wash. The juicy, sweet scent of mango uplifts your spirit, while rosehip's natural vitamins and fatty acids gently nourish and cleanse the skin. It’s a perfect start to the day, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and alive with radiance.

2. Enriching Mango & Rosehip Lotion (300ml): Our mango and rosehip lotion is a daily dose of delight for your skin. Lightweight yet powerful, it hydrates and revitalises with every application. The mango provides a burst of hydration, and the rosehip works to improve skin texture and tone, making this lotion a nourishing treat for all skin types.

3. Deeply Moisturizing Mango & Rosehip Body Butter (250g): Indulge in the luxurious texture of our body butter, a rich blend that deeply hydrates and softens the skin. Infused with the goodness of mango and the regenerative properties of rosehip, this body butter is a sanctuary for dry skin, enveloping you in moisture and a heavenly scent.

4. Rejuvenating Mango & Rosehip Scrub (520g): Revitalise your skin with our exfoliating scrub. The natural exfoliants sweep away dullness and impurities, while the mango and rosehip infuse the skin with antioxidants and essential nutrients. This scrub leaves your skin smooth, glowing, and infused with a subtle, exotic fragrance.

Proudly vegan, cruelty free and made in Australia.

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