Artistic® Ph Nail Prep 15ml

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Artistic® Colour Gloss pH Nail Prep (15ml/.5 oz) - Artistic® NAIL DESIGN - More than an acid free primer; Colour Gloss pH Nail Prep is used to properly prepare the natural nail prior to product application. pH Nail Prep can be used in any salon service including tips and adhesive, acrylic or gel applications as well as before polish, base coats or nail strengtheners. Use pH Nail Prep to assure the best performance of any natural or artificial nail service. Artistic® pH NAIL PREP is used to remove moisture and oils on the surface of the nail plate prior to all artificial nail services or in conjunction with manicure and pedicure services prior to polish. This product does not contain any fragrances or dyes that could leave residue on the nail plate. It is a butyl acetate based product, giving us fast and efficient surface dehydration to achieve proper pH balancing on the surface of the nail plate for better adhesion of products.._ Approx 40-50 Applications Per Bottle _ Available In 15ml/.5oz Size

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