ACG Professional Starter Kit (No Lamp)

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There is nothing quite like the incredible Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel Polish system by Artistic® Nail Design.
The Professional Starter kit contains all of the necessary tools to jump start your career in Colour Gloss. With 100+ of the most fashion forward colours you can imagine, a builder gel and a complete smartGel system it's no wonder Artistic® Nail Design is now considered Australia and New Zealand' s leading Professional Nail brand.
1x 15 ml FREE Soak Off Gel Colour: gorgeous fuchsia-red gel polish.
1x 15ml Soak Off Bonding Gel: adheres Colour Gloss Soak Off Gel products to the natural nail.
1x 15ml Soak Off Glossing Gel: a top gel sealer specially designed to create the ultimate super-shiny gloss finish.
1x 15ml Revive Cuticle Oil: helps keep nails strong and flexible while hydrating surrounding skin.
1x 15ml pH Nail Prep: properly prepares the natural nail prior to product application.
1x 59ml Nail Surface Cleanser: removes oil & contaminates from the natural nail prior to application and removes the sticky inhibition layer after final cure of Glossing Gel.
1x 59ml Remover: removes Soak Off Gel Colour in 10 minutes.
10 x Soak Off Gel Removal Wraps: gently removes Soak off Gel Colour in 10 minutes without damaging the nail plate.

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